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Brevard County's Best Realtor?


Consider Rick Houston with RE/MAX Aerospace Realty


Rick Houston is a Brevard County Real Estate Advisor who goes "Above and Beyond" and tries to do "Something Special" for each client.

For example, Rick Houston:

1.  Installed a toilet for free at a condo in Cape Canaveral because it was oldrick houston goes above and beyond for his clients and leaked in April of 2023

2.  Cleans and paints condo garages for free (click here to view photos)

3.  Removes old plants and weeds in the front garden areas and plants fresh flowers for free (click here to view photos)

4.  Removed an old mattress and box springs from a dumpster area at a condo complex in Cocoa Beach because it was unsightly and there forever creating unsightly curb appeal.

5  Planted new plants and installed mulch in a common area near his listing at Rio Vista condos because the association chose dirt and weeds over mulch.

6. Held "sunset open houses" in the evening for a waterfront Rick Houston holds sunset open houses for condos for sale in Cape Canaveralcondo for sale in Cape Canaveral.  First realtor to actively market "sunset open houses" in Brevard County.

7.  Bought a new screeen door for a seller in The Jamestown Condos because the existing door was 30 years old.  No cost to owner.

8.  Bought a new automatic pool cleaning system for a client who bought his first pool home.  As a free gift.

9.  Removed 30 years worth of stuff in a Cocoa Beach condo garage for an elderly client who was physically unable.  Spent several days giving things away and throwing things in the dumpster.

10.  Helped prepare a condo for the market by repairing and sanding the drywall.  Then coordinated the painters and met them at the property as a project manager.free garage door cleaning and painting by Rick Houston

11.  Continuing as a project manager, I prepped the floor for new laminate flooring and worked with the handyman to install a new floor in a condo that was coming on the market and the elderly owner was unable to coordinate.

12. Cleaned out and painted the garage shown here to the right and many others. click here

 If you are a snowbird and unable to clean out your garage before you sell, Rick Houston will do it for you for free (actually as part of the commission agreement).

Is the Best Realtor in Brevard County willing to do the things Rick Houston does for his clients??


Brevard County's Best Realtor?

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photo of Brevard County's Best Realtor Rick Houston with RE/MAX Aerospace Realty

Rick Houston, MRP, ABR

Military Relocation Professional

Accredited Buyer's Representative

Florida Realtor Logo Realtor License #3346705

Call or text 321-432-3000

email:  rickwithremax@gmail.com